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Dengươi Lovakhổng lồ is moving forward in her career & her life, but she no longer keeps in touch with most of her Disney Channel pals from baông xã in the day. In a new cover story with Harper"s Bazaar, the 27-year-old singer gets candid about her current relationships or laông chồng thereof with some of her former friends and colleagues from her child star days.

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When asked if she still talks with her ex-boyfriover Joe Jonas or his brothers Nichồng & Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, the "I Love Me" singer simply shakes her head no. The trio collaborated with Dengươi multiple times, including in her breakout Camp Rock films, & they toured together for years. Demi and Niông xã even started the Safehouse record label together, & the Jonas Brothers are still managed by Demi"s former manager, Phil McIntyre. She has since moved on khổng lồ work with Scooter Braun.

In her new "I Love Me" music video, fans have sầu noticed several references khổng lồ the Jonas Brothers, including a scene in which Lovato walks past a trio of musicians in shiny gold suits who resemble the boy band from behind.

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Lovakhổng lồ also addressesher past friendship with Selena Gomez, who sharedher support of the singeron social media following her moving GRAMMYs performance this year of her new single, "Anyone."

“When you grow up with somebody toàn thân, you’re always going khổng lồ have love sầu for them. But I’m not friends with her, so it felt …” Dengươi beginsbefore the interviewer says she stopped herself. “I will always have love sầu for her, & I wish everybody nothing but the best.”

As for the stars she does keep in tương tác with, Demi opensup about her rekindled friendship with Miley Cyrus, whom she originally met in her Disney days.

“I talk khổng lồ Miley,” she says. “She’s awesome, & I love sầu her khổng lồ death and always will, always have. But I think she’s kind of the only one from that era that I still stay in touch with.”

Miley isn"t Demi"s only A-list pal. She"s also strengthened her friendship with Ariamãng cầu Grande since signing with their mutual manager, Scooter Braun.

“I love the fact that Ariana and I have sầu such a supportive friendship because it’s hard to find. Two women who are in a competitive industry -- the whole world seems khổng lồ want lớn pit women against each other, so it would be so easy lớn vị that,” Demày notes. “I always long for friendships with women. I think it’s so sacred."

For more from Lovato lớn, watch the clip below:

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