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Anyone with sensitive sầu skin will likely tell you the same thing: It's so, so hard khổng lồ find skin-care products that don't inflame và dehydrate. That's because many products out there contain comtháng irritants such as fragrances, denatured alcohol, coloring pigments, and more. Luckily, the hunt for products without those ingredients just got far easier because Japan's top brvà for sensitive skin has arrived at Ulta.

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Curél has been researching skin structure alongside dermatologists since the 1970s, resulting in Japan's first-ever line of products specifically designed for sensitive sầu skin. The brand specializes in ceramides, which are the lipids that keep skin hydrated, plump, & soft, so all the products from this br& are designed to lớn soothe skin that's prone khổng lồ dryness, redness, và irritation. Although Curél carries a wide range of offerings for hair, toàn thân, và skin overseas, the products for Americans include six staples that each cost $32 or less and biến hóa an entire skin-care routine.

Just for fun, we've taken the liberty of rounding up the Curél products now available at Ulta and listed them in the order in which you should use them. You're welcome.


Curél's Makeup Cleansing Gel is exactly what it sounds like: a gel-based face wash designed to lớn demolish tough makeup at the kết thúc of a long day. The brand encourages buying it with the Foaming Facial Wash (more on that in a second) for a double-cleansing routine lớn wash away as many impurities as possible.


The Foaming Facial Wash is best for dry skin & keeps it hydrated with ceramides while washing away the last of the day's dirt, sebum, và makeup grime.

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Like the double-cleansing method, double-moisturizing is also a popular skin-care technique in nhật bản. While the word "lotion" might make you think of body toàn thân lotions, in this case it's a lightweight facial moisturizer used as the first of two hydrating steps that loông chồng in those lipids.


Courtesy of brandAfter using the Facial Lotion, you can follow it with Moisture Facial Milk, which uses (you guessed it) ceramides khổng lồ replenish the skin's protective sầu moisture barrier.


Courtesy of brandOr those who need a heftier-than-average dose of hydration can follow the Facial Lotion with the Intensive sầu Moisture Facial Cream that delivers even more hydration in a lightweight formula.

Courtesy of brandThe skin around the eyes is thinner than on the rest of the face and requires extra care lớn remain brightened và free of irritation. Curél's signature ceramide complex dives deep khổng lồ reduce fine lines over time.

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