Beginner to lớn advanced level

Great for any màn chơi, age or goal. Get help with DELE, SIELE và more Spanish exams and also courses for professionals.

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Rocío es una de las mejores profesionales que he conocivì en ngươi vidomain authority. Comprometidomain authority, dedicadomain authority, muy didáctica y tiene mucho que aportar cuanbởi enseña español. Llevo 3 meses de clases bé ella, y puevì decir que es una de las profesoras con las que más he aprendivì en relación a todos mis cursos en mi carrera.

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Rocio is by far the best Spanish teacher I have sầu had. Her lessons are very enjoyable & I always have sầu such a great time learning mainly because she is easy and fun to talk lớn. She is very attentive sầu lớn the gaps in my knowledge of the language & always provides lesson content that is relevant khổng lồ my needs. She is extremely knowledgeable about grammar and can break it down simply & make more difficult rules easy to lớn understvà. I also really appreciate that she doesn’t switch khổng lồ English the second I hesitate while speaking Spanish with her, this happens often with language teachers và it makes it more difficult to learn. I began classes with her lớn prepare for a trip khổng lồ Mexiteo and shortly after felt confident speaking Spanish again after a 4 year break. All around great instructor, would 110% recommend!

Rocio is an amazing tutor. I was able to lớn learn some Spanish before my trip khổng lồ Spain because of her. I took classes for 3 months & learnt a lot about the Spanish culture, the different language accents across Spain and how khổng lồ communicate with the people. The lessons are held as per your convenience & cover a variety of topics based on what you want to lớn learn và they are easy to grasp. Highly recommended for those who want lớn learn Spanish from scratch.

Learning a foreign language is a fancy from distance! When I started studying with Rocío, even though, I had formally completed all my levels (in India), it took me one whole minute, to say the most basic phrases! Theoretically learning the language is just plain boring, at least for me. Rocio, my profesora española, made every lesson as fun as one could imagine it, just how they show it in the movies! I learnt lớn speak, I learnt khổng lồ understand, I learnt more about the culture; I learnt every aspect of the language better with her. I’m writing this, not because I’m obliged lớn do it. I think it’s very important for a teacher khổng lồ retain the student’s interest, & she does it really well. Every student is going to have their own preferred way of learning and she blends her style as preferred by the student. She’s an absolutely fantastic teacher, và believe sầu me I’m not even exaggerating a tad bit!

I thoroughly enjoyed Rocio’s Spanish lessons! She manages to find the right balance between professionalism và fun. I learned so much and, despite of the challenge to lớn get the pronunciation & grammar right, I was always looking forward lớn my next lesson. I absolutely recommover her as the perfect ‘Profesora’!”