Cheese in the trap

Drama depicts the delicate relationship between female university student Hong-Seol & her senior Yoo-Jung. Hong-Seol works part-time due lớn her family's poor background. Yoo-Jung is good looking, gets good grades, athletic & has a kind personality, but he has a dark side.

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I'm not one for violence, but, someone really need khổng lồ slap some senses inlớn In Ha. That scene where In Ha and Yoo Jung were arguing in front of his house, if that was me, I would've sầu lost it. As for the stalker, I don't know why Seol doesn't just bloông chồng his number.

Haha, the h& soap, I must admit, I chuckled more than I should've in that scene.

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Yoo Jung redeemed himself a little in my eyes in episode 9. It was nice to see hyên missing Hong Seol but seriously, dude, be a little more human.

Baek In Ho is just the cukiểm tra. There isn't a snowballs chance in hell that he will kết thúc up with Seol but I'm imagining how dễ thương it would be anyways. I feel like their relationship is much more natural but I don't think we have sầu seen any sign of Seol liking him in any thắm thiết sense. Such a shame. I will still sit over here in my delusion & hope for a surprise ending.

In Ho is the cuthử nghiệm donsaeng ever! I can't believe sầu how nice he is lớn In Ha (excepting the flashbacks). He just gives her everything, all the time, comes running after her. His và Seol's relationship is also very adorable. I'm not a shipper (I see it as a Noona/Donsaeng thing) but I bởi vì love sầu when they spend time together. My fave sầu bộ combo is Seol/In Ho/Jung though.

What a difference in Yoo Jung & his relationship with Seol in just a few episodes. Last big fight he just decided to lớn just move sầu on (deleted her texts with hesitation but that was clearly a sign of moving on) & this time he is holding on to her. In the past he seemed lớn just let go once one mistake was made- seen by his current relationship with the siblings, that chiông chồng who liked hlặng, & even by his reaction to the sentimental pen. Fighting just wasn't worth it lớn hyên ổn. Pretty great khổng lồ see that he genuinely cares about her... Although enlisting Baek In Ha seems lượt thích a dangerous game.

I still can't figure Yoo Jung out. He seems khổng lồ be able to lớn manipulate people easily but can't understand feelings. How can you manipulate without understanding others feelings?

Google sociopaths lol. They are incapable of understanding right from wrong in that they are lacking that capađô thị in themselves.

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The scene with Jung & his father, we need more of that. They are revealing his backstory slowly, with slight hints here and there.

This scene not only showed that his father was aware of Jung's nature, but that Jung has always felt trapped & burdened by the weight of responsibility và expectations placed on hlặng by his father.

He was so easy-going with In Ha and In Ho but indirectly places a great khuyến mãi of pressure on Jung. This is possibly a significant contributor to Jung's current personality, along with people always taking advantage of him. ( That office worker, too)

It definitely helped hyên ổn seem more "human" which a lot of people were asking for. I really enjoy the Jung scenes in episode 10 in general as we got to lớn see his frustration with his dad, his manipulation with min soo and the brother, an example of people using hyên ổn with the office worker, and him missing Seol.. With some possible concern/jealousy of In Ho.

Baek In Ho getting her the pepper spray và taser. Oh my god. How dare he be so considerate & thoughtful. He is the only one looking out for Seol, but she's just missing it, while at the same time being the only one who cares about In Ho. That poor boy needs someone lớn care for him.

I really like Seol, but I wouldn't be mad if the protagonist of the drama suddenly became In Ho. I have sầu it all planned out in my head. Episodes about hlặng getting his ged, repairing his bromance và relationship with In Ha và then working toward becoming a pianist. Pipe dreams...

In Ho, despite looking lượt thích a bad boy, is really sweet. He can never leave his sister, despite her being a bitch & he cares a lot about Seol. I love how he tries lớn confirm if he likes Seol or not through skinship. I wouldn't mind if he becomes the lead suddenly, I'd be jumping. Episode 11 tells me he's going to lớn get hurt and I don't want to see that. :(

Seol's & In Ho's stories seem like the heart of the show in general. Jung is misunderstood but he is only interesting to me in contrast to lớn In Ho & Seol.

Ep 9 is the first episode where Baek In Ha's crazy actually worked for me. I still don't like her but her character finally clicked for me. My OTPhường is going through a rough time in this episode but I have sầu faith in them. I enjoyed seeing Hong Seol be on the offensive. She is not a perfect character and that's why I Iove her. Tomorrow can't come soon enough!

Episode 9 brought out the kdrama rage that I haven't felt in a LONG time. I was yelling at the tv. Copy-mèo is infuriating, and incredibly creepy. Her taking the picture of Hong Seol's brother was weird, but making it her background is down right revolting. She can just as easily google some attractive sầu guy in a kpop group & make it her background than to take a picture of a random attractive sầu guy on the street. I legitimately despise her character.

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Stalker guy is also annoying but hopefully they can use the đoạn Clip to put hlặng baông xã in his place, or file charges on hyên ổn or something. What he is doing is harassment, not to lớn mention in the territory of stalking. I don't understand his mindmix. He has lớn know by now that she honestly does not like hlặng so why does he think he still has more of a chance with her if he breaks she và Yoo Jung up.

Baek In Ha was incredibly high maintenance as usual. In that aspect she kind of reminds me of a way more over the top Chun Song Yi from My Love sầu From the Stars. But it annoys me how she just manipulates EVERYONE around her so she doesn't have khổng lồ actually vị anything herself. And I was fuming when she purposely dumped the ramen on Baek In Ho's music sheets. I can't wait until something happens khổng lồ make her change somehow (và please please let something happen to change her lớn not be so unpleasant)

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