Charles is an HTTPhường. proxy / HTTP. monitor / Reverse Proxy that enables a developer to view all of the HTTPhường và SSL / HTTPS traffic between their machine & the Internet. This includes requests, responses and the HTTP headers (which contain the cookies and caching information).

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Recent Developments

For discussion on the latest changes khổng lồ Charles, please see Karl’s blog.

15 Nov 2020

Charles 4.6.1 released khổng lồ fix Dark Mode tư vấn on macOS Read more.

7 Nov 2020

Charles 4.6 released including new features và stability improvements. Read more.

15 Jan 2020

Charles 4.5.6 released with minor bug fixes & patched security vulnerability. Read more.

5 Dec 2019

Charles 4.5.5 released including bug fixes for SSL certificate imports. Read more.

3 Nov 2019

Charles 4.5.2 released including new features, bug fixes và improvements. Read more.

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28 Feb 2019

Charles 4.2.8 released with minor bug fixes. Read more.

14 Sep 2018

Charles 4.2.7 released with minor bug fixes & improvements. Read more.

5 May 2018

Charles Security Bulletin for a local privilege escalation in Charles 4.2 and 3.12.1 và earlier. Read more.

7 Aquảng bá 2018

Charles 4.2.5 released with major bug fixes và minor improvements. Read more.

28 Mar 2018

Charles for iOS released. Read more.

22 Nov 2017

Charles 4.2.1 released with important bug fixes. Read more.

30 Sep 2017

Charles 4.2 released with major new TLS debugging capability, minor improvements and bug fixes including macOS High Sierra support. Read more.

10 Jul 2017

Charles 4.1.4 released with minor improvements and bug fixes. Read more.

20 Jun 2017

Charles 4.1.3 released including Brotli compression tư vấn và other minor bug fixes và improvements. Read more.

13 May 2017

Charles 4.1.2 released with bug fixes và minor improvements. Read more.

21 Aquảng bá 2017

Charles 4.1.1 released with bug fixes. Read more.

10 Aquảng cáo 2017

Charles 4.1 released including major new features & bug fixes. Read more.

19 Nov 2016

Charles 4.0.2 released including bug fixes và minor improvements. Read more.

trăng tròn Sep 2016

Charles 4.0.1 released including bug fixes. Read more.

16 Sep 2016

Charles 3.11.6 released with tư vấn for macOS Sierra and minor bug fixes. Read more.

1 Aug 2016

Charles 4 released featuring HTTPhường 2, IPv6 & improved look và feel. Read more.

29 May 2016

Charles 3.11.5 released including minor bug fixes; especially fixes SSL certificate installation on Android. Read more.

29 Feb 2016

Charles 3.11.4 released with tư vấn for ATS on iOS 9 và crash fixes for older versions of Mac OS X. Read more.

15 Feb 2016

Charles v3.11.3 released including bug fixes & minor improvements. Read more.

9 Nov 2015

Charles v3.11.2 released with SSL and Websockets improvements. Read more.

4 Oct 2015

Charles 3.11 released including major new features. Read more.

7 Jul 2015

Charles 3.10.2 released with bug fixes & improvements. Read more.

31 Mar 2015

Charles 3.10.1 released with minor bug fixes. Read more.

21 Mar 2015

Charles 3.10 released with improved SSL (new SSL CA certificate install required), major new features and improvements. Read more.

22 Oct 2014

Charles v3.9.3 released with improvements to lớn SSL support, Mac OS X Yosemite support and other minor bug fixes và improvements. Read more.

26 May 2014

Charles v3.9.2 released with minor bug fixes. Read more.

5 May 2014

Charles 3.9.1 released with minor bug fixes và improvements. Read more.

25 Atruyền thông quảng cáo 2014

Charles 3.9 released with major new features và bug fixes, including the ability to "focus" on hosts so they are separated from the noise. Read more.

23 Oct 2013

Charles 3.8.3 released with tư vấn for Mac OS X Mavericks & minor bug fixes. Happy Mavericks Day. Read more.

21 Oct 2013

Charles 3.8.2 released with minor bug fixes. Read more.

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9 Sep 2013

Charles 3.8.1 released with minor bug fixes và improvements. Read more.

4 Sep 2013

Charles 3.8 has been released with new features & bug fixes. Read more.

12 Feb 2013

Charles 3.7 has been released. Includes new features, bundled Java runtime (so you don’t need to lớn install Java anymore), và bug fixes. Read more.

27 Jun 2012

Charles 3.7 beta 2 has been released. This changes the SSL signing for Charles on Mac OS X to use Apple's new Developer ID code-signing. Read more.

8 Dec 2011

Charles v3.6.5 released including bug fixes and minor changes. Read more.

15 Nov 2011

Charles v3.6.4 released including major bug fixes and enhancements. Read more.

5 Sep 2011

Charles v3.6.3 released including minor bug fixes. Read more.

24 Aug 2011

Charles v3.6.1 released including minor enhancements & bug fixes. Read more.

18 Aug 2011

Charles v3.6 released including new features, enhancements và bug fixes. New features include HAR & SAZ file import. Read more.

17 Aug 2010

Charles v3.5.2 released including bug fixes and minor new features. Read more.

1 Jan 2010

Charles 3.5.1 released. Minor bug fixes. Read more.

23 Dec 2009

Charles 3.5 released. Major new features, bug fixes and enhancements.

17 Oct 2009

Charles 3.4.1 released. Minor features & bug fixes.

27 Sep 2009

Charles 3.4 released. Major changes especially lớn SSL.

11 May 2009

New website launched. Follow on Twitter. Say hi in San Francisteo when I'm there for WWDC!

7 Mar 2009

Charles 3.3.1 released. Minor new features & bug fixes. Experimental 64 bit Windows tư vấn. Read more.

15 Feb 2009

Charles 3.3 released. Major new features. Download

24 Sep 2008

Charles Autoconfiguration add-on for Mozilla Firefox adds tư vấn for Firefox 3.1

23 Sep 2008

Charles 3.2.3 released. Minor new features and bug fixes.

6 Sep 2008

Charles 3.2.2 released. Minor new features and bug fixes.

17 Aquảng cáo 2008

Charles 3.2.1 released. Minor new features and bug fixes.

24 Mar 2008

Charles 3.2 released. Major new features. Release Notes

28 Jan 2008

Charles 3.2 public beta released. Download and more information on my blog.

19 Dec 2007

Charles 3.1.4 released. Bug fixes và minor new features.

21 Nov 2007

Charles Mozilla Firefox add-on updated for compatibility with Firefox 3.0.

12 Nov 2007

Charles 3.1.3 released. Minor bug fixes, minor new features.

Chart tab now includes charts for sizes, durations & typesRequest & Response can now be displayed combined on one split-panelSSL handshake & certificate errors are now displayed in the tree29 Aug 2007

Charles 3.1.2 released. Minor bug fixes.

27 Aug 2007

Charles 3.1.1 released. Minor bug fixes.

13 Aug 2007

Charles 3.1 released.

22 May 2007

Charles 3.0.4 released. Fixes SSL bug on Java 1.4.

14 May 2007

Charles 3.0.3 re-released. Fixes launch bug on computers that haven't used Charles before.

12 May 2007

Charles 3.0.3 released. Various improvements & minor bug fixes.

23 Aquảng cáo 2007

Charles 3.0.2 released. Minor bug fixes & improvements.

28 Mar 2007

Charles 3.0.1 released. Minor bug fixes.

24 Mar 2007

Charles 3.0 released. Major new features và improvements

7 Mar 2007

Charles 3.0 public beta released.

27 Feb 2007

Charles v2.6.4 release. Minor bug fixes:

IBM JDK compatibilityImproved malformed Referer header support17 Feb 2007

Charles v2.6.3 release. Minor bug fixes:

Fixed Port Forwarding fault introduced in v2.6.21 Feb 2007

Charles v2.6.2 release. Major improvements và bug fixes including:

No more recording limits. Large responses are now saved lớn temporary files, reducing memory usage.MTU tư vấn in the throttle settingsAMF3 / Flex 2 bug fixes2 Dec 2006

Charles v2.6.1 release. Minor bug fixes và improvements:

SOAPhường information visible while response is still loadingAMF3 externalizable object parsing regression fixedAMF view for AMF3/Flex messages simplified khổng lồ hide Flex implementation details27 Nov 2006

Charles v2.6 release. Major improvements và bug fixes including:

Major UI overhaulJSON và JSON-RPC supportSOAP supporttrăng tròn Sep 2006

Charles v2.5 release. Major improvements & bug fixes including:

Major UI improvementsSupport for new filetypes including FLVMajor improvements khổng lồ AMF / Flash remoting viewerThank you to lớn everyone who made suggestions and participated in the long testing process.1 Jun 2006

Charles v2.4.2 release. Minor improvements & bug fixes including:

Support for request toàn thân compression (used by web services)Fix for parsing of AMFPHPhường responsesImprovements to AMF viewer6 May 2006

Charles v2.4.1 release. Minor improvements và bug fixes including:

Firefox extension improvedAMF 0 và AMF 3 parsing improvedLook và Feel changes khổng lồ give sầu a greater (& more consistent) range of font sizes in the Charles look & feelSSL error reporting improved when a connection cannot be made khổng lồ a remote hostPort Forwarding tool và Reverse Proxy tool re-bind exception fixed26 Atruyền thông quảng cáo 2006

Charles v2.4 release. Major new features, improvements and bug fixes including:

AMF 3 supportSSL support for IBM JDK (thanks lớn Lance Bader for helping solve sầu this)Automatic Update CheckingDocumentation wiki open khổng lồ public25 Mar 2006

Charles v2.3 release. Major improvements & bug fixes including:

Proxy implementation improvements including better handling of keep-alive sầu connectionsSOCKS proxy added, so any SOCKSified application can now run through CharlesExternal proxies configuration improvements including authenticationFlash Remoting / AMF viewer improvementsDynamic proxy port support, for multiuser systems5 Nov 2005

Charles v2.2.1 release. Minor improvements & bug fixes including:

Further improved Firefox proxy configurationPort Forwarding enhancements including port ranges và UDPhường. forwardingBug fixes for Reverse Proxy và AMF viewer5 Oct 2005

Charles v2.2 released. Major enhancements and bug fixes including:

Improved Firefox proxy configurationXML viewer improvementsLine numbers displayed in ASCII viewer2 Sep 2005

Charles v2.1 released. Major new features & enhancements including:

Automatic Firefox proxy configurationFormatted khung posts and query string informationParsing of SWF and AMF (Flash Remoting) binary formats18 Jun 2005

Charles v2.0 released. Major enhancements & improvements.

Better di động Application Testing with Charles Proxyby Andrew BardallisA comprehensive sầu walkthrough of using Charles khổng lồ observe & modify traffic, including using it with sản phẩm điện thoại devices.

Monitor and Debug with Charles Proxyby Tobias Sjösten

iPhone App Store data miningby Dan GrigsbyUsing Charles to explore the iPhone App Store XML.

iPhone HTTP.. Connection Debuggingby Gary RogersUsing Charles khổng lồ debug the iPhone.

I Love sầu MadeByPi

Basic use of Charles in Flex Designby Frankie Loscavio

Charles review on flashgroup.netby Darren RichardsonA great Đánh Giá of Charles from the point of view of Flash developers.

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Debugging Flash/Server Interaction with Charlesby uberGeekUsing Charles to lớn find those really annoying Flash bugs in record time.

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