While Malaysian fashion retailer Bonia sold fewer handbags in its second quarter, it did manage lớn grow its net profit.

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It achieved a net profit of RM11.99 million (US$3 million) for the period, to the over of December, up 8 per cent. It attributes the upswing to lower running costs và improved gross profit margins.

Quarterly revenue dropped 7 per cent to RM160.34 million, Bonia saying this had been anticipated because of the closure of counters as part of a rationalisation process.

However, the lower revenue was offmix by improved gross profit margins, up 5 per cent.

Year-over sales và the festive season boosted revenue và operating profit khổng lồ RM15.35 million.Business in Indonesia, Singapore & Vietphái mạnh was hit by weak consumer sentiment.

Still, the quarterly growth was not enough lớn stem the fall on its half-year earnings, which saw net profit slide 31 per cent to RM13.3 million. Revenue contracted by 10 per cent khổng lồ RM279.23 million.



Bonia Vietphái nam moves south with second store


Leathergoods retailer Bonia Vietnam giới has opened its first Ho Chi Minc City boutique, at Crescent Mall.

Covering 192sqm on the mall’s second floor, the store has a simple kiến thiết featuring timber & bright colours as a background to the brand’s latest items.

Celebrities attending the grand opening included actress/director Ngo Thanh hao Van, who joined Bonia representatives in cutting the opening ribbon.

It is the Malaysian brand’s second store in Vietphái nam, the first being at Vincom Hanoi.



Bonia lớn cthua thảm more stores


Malaysian fashion retailer Bonia will cđại bại more of its loss-making outlets next year.

But despite weak earnings, the boutique brvà known for its leather goods & footwear plans khổng lồ increase its advertising & promotional spending.

Pretax profit fell nearly RM26.7 million (US$6 million) for its lathử nghiệm financial lớn June 30 khổng lồ RM45.93 million. Bonia cites the slowing economy in Malaysia and Singapore as the core reason.

About 10 Bonia outlets have been closed internationally this year, and group MD Albert Chiang says the group is undertaking “prudent measures” và being selective sầu about store openings.

Bonia owns the Bonia, Carlo Rimo và Sembonia brands and has a presence in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore và Vietnam.

The group also owns distribution rights to Braun Buffel, Jeep, Pierre Cardin, Santa Barbara Polo và Racquet Club.



Takashimaya Vietphái nam opens doors


Three years after the Japanese luxury department store chain announced plans lớn enter Saigon, Takashimaya Vietnam opened its doors at the weekkết thúc.

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As the anchor tenant of downtown Ho Chi Minc City’s Saigon Center, Takashimaya takes up a whole five floors making it by far the nation’s largest department store – & likely its most expensive.

The first impression that the department store makes is its spacious interior. Concessions to lớn brands have sầu been arranged lớn leave unusually wide aisles – ensuring the store was comfortable even on its crowded grvà opening day.


 The central atrium of the expanded Saigon Center featuring Takashimaya’s first Vietphái mạnh store.

The first floor of Takashimaya houses the food maison, most of which is filled by Japanese F&B brands such as Minamolớn Kitchoan, Gyumaru, Azabu Sabo, Yamazaki and Suizan. Some tea brands make their way inlớn that space, including Vietnam’s own Phuc Long, Singapore’s TWG tea, & B Tea.

Targeting the high class consumers in Saigon & Vietphái nam, Takashimaya has chosen carefully the brands to appear in their stores, including luxury brands coming to lớn Vietphái nam the first time, complemented by the high cấp độ of customer service Takashimaya offers elsewhere in the world.


The second floor is exclusively for ladies with international fashion names such as Banana Republic, Bebe, Bonia, Braun Buffel; footwear from Clarks, Geox, Cole Haan; bags from Carlo Rino, Cromia; và Furla with its first flagship in Vietphái mạnh after years being distributed by Ha Vang company.

The rest space is occupied by cosmetics brands, including Korean labels Skinfood, which marked the store’s opening with a special sự kiện ‘Makeup Style for Your Summer’.


“We offer miễn phí makeup and manicure for our customers for two days. Besides, when they buy our products, they will receive a gift mix,” said Kieu Oanh, senior quảng bá và sale executive sầu of Skinfood Vietnam giới.

For women, the excitement continues on the next màn chơi of Takashimaya: a heaven of luxury cosmetics, jewelleries and fragrances. Christian Dior is prominently located at the front, with rival Lancome opposite. Lancome also opened its own ‘Lancome Cafe’ – a style boutique, where women can take free makeup lessons and receive gifts for the best ‘artwork’.


Other brands include Bobbi Brown, Shiseido, Estee Lauder, Swarovski, & Mac.


The next floor features international fashion & cosmetics brands including Diane von Furstenberg, Hugo, Versace & Paul & Shark, along with restaurants và cafes. This cấp độ has a rest space with some chairs for visitors arranged around a huge grey pillar.


Local luxury multibrvà retailer Runway comes baông chồng after closing its store in Vincom Center in March. As usual, it has a large space in the center, gathering all women’s favourite brands with modern và elegant designs.


 The new Runway store replaces the local multi-label luxury brand’s previous space at Vincom. 

Another highlight is the ready-to-launch space of women handbags Kate Spade Thành Phố New York. That outlet is expected lớn open soon.


Coming soon: Kate Spade.

The last màn chơi of Takashimaya is filled with men’s fashion và casual wear và children’s clothing và toys. Tommy Hilfiger has the largest outlet here, opposite the first authentic Fred Perry store.

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With more than 180 years of experience and US$290 million investment, it is expected that Takashimaya will not only take Vietnamese shopping lớn a higher level but also mark a turning point for economic development và unique retail in Vietphái nam.

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