Light up the sky: blackpink hears lady gaga's sour candy for the first time

For"s new Lady Gaga cover story, the members of Blackpink reGọi how their "Sour Candy" collaborator influenced them

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When Lady Gaga teamed up with Blackpink for “Sour Candy,” it wasn’t just one of the year’s most high-protệp tin collaborations — it was also a full-circle moment for the members of the K-pop quartet, who studied Gaga’s music during their time as pop-star trainees at YG Entertainment prior to their official debut.

“I rethành viên we used to say to each other, ‘Let’s make this kind of great music someday,’” recalls the group’s Jisoo in’s new cover story about Lady Gaga & the making of her latest album, Chromatica. “There are so many things to lớn learn from Lady Gaga. She is not afraid lớn try new things & she enjoys every sincerely."

Rosé has fond memories of covering songs such as “You & I,” while Lisa calls Gaga her "favorite artist" & says she has a particular love sầu for “Poker Face,” which she performed during her very first evaluation. “I can’t danh sách all the influences that Lady Gaga has given me and my generation,” says Lisa over tin nhắn. “But aao ước them, I respect Lady Gaga"s chất lượng style và she makes her own music & performances. She is an artist who always creates new styles that have never been done before, and she delivers meaningful messages lớn people who hear her music.”

Jennie, meanwhile, says she “cannot forget the feeling” of watching the đoạn Clip for Lady Gaga và Beyoncé’s “Telephone” for the first time: “The creativity between the two artists, fashion and characters — I rethành viên thinking, ‘Someday, I want to lớn try something original and creative sầu lượt thích this.” Rosé, too, appreciated Gaga’s unfiltered, over-the-top creative vision.

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“I grew up listening lớn Lady Gaga on the radio used to hear her songs on my way khổng lồ school and back,” she says. “I think I was heavily influenced by the pop culture she was creating at that time, which was afraid of stepping out of the boundaries and expressing yourself lớn the fullest.”

If getting approached about collaborating was a surprise, it was nothing compared lớn connecting with Gaga directly over the phone about the tuy nhiên. “She called us just lớn pour her heart out to explain the whole tuy vậy for us,” Rosé remembers. Adds Jennie: “That was more than just a Điện thoại tư vấn, it showed her passion & kindness. The fact that she wanted to lớn sing a tuy nhiên with us not because we knew each other, but because she loved our music still makes me thrilled even lớn this moment.”

For Jisoo, though, the biggest revelation may have been just how seamlessly it all happened. “I was really happy that our sounds blended so well in the song,” she says. “I was surprised lớn see the kind of synergy we made with Lady Gaga & our colors.”

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