Baek ji young

She was the country"s top female pop star, a budding diva whose sexy moves scandalised older South Koreans và made her a huge star among the young. Then "the video" hit the mạng internet.

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A brief cyberwar broke out. Fans of the singer, Baek Ji Young, tried to paralyse mạng internet sites offering a video clip showing Baek having sex with a former producer. But the web"s voracious nature could not be denied. The video clip multiplied & raced across the net, reportedly at a rate of 200,000 copies in a day. Baek, 24, at first hid on an isl& & denied she was the woman in the video clip. But then she held a tearful news conference lớn confess and apologise.

The star was the casualty of a clash of cultures. South Korea is one of the most "wired" countries in the world, but it is also a traditional society in which sex is seen as a private matter & premarital sex is a scandal.

Baek is not the first casualty. Miss Korea 1988, Oh Hyun Kyung, 30, fled an acting career và South Korea last year after a video of her having sex with a boyfriend hit the mạng internet. Since an estimated third of South Korea"s 47 million people use the internet, one of the highest rates in the world, "it was like branding her with a scarlet letter", one obhệ thống said. The internet và new forms of communication are "changing Korean society very rapidly", said Henry Paik, a showbusiness columnist. "But this still isn"t America or Europe. Here, if you have premarital sex, you are treated lượt thích a criminal."

There is a grudging suspicion in South Korea that this is all somehow the fault of the United States. Censors used to clip risqué parts out of American movies và videotapes. Now the mạng internet and DVD have sầu bypassed them. American rap has spawned Korean rap, complete with profanity. A local performer, Seo Tai Ji, has just released a music đoạn phim with explicit sex & nudity.

"Times are changing too fast," grumbled Oh Kwang Hwan, 55, an estate agent. "I was shocked that the younger generation could even come up with an idea lượt thích making a sex video and putting it on the mạng internet."

Two male celebrities have also been caught in recent sex scandals. An actor, Song Young Chang, 42, was sentenced in November to 10 months in prison for having sex with a 16-year-old girl. Joo Byung Jin, who runs a TV production company, was charged last month with beating a student after forcing her lớn have sex.

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These latest scandals show that the entertainment industry"s sordid reputation is in some ways still deserved, said Paik. "There used to lớn be three ways khổng lồ get inlớn the business: bribery, sex or political influence," he said. Although changes in the industry have sầu reduced the power of producers & directors, he said, those are still familiar routes lớn success.

Baek"s Clip offers a poignant example. The first half, apparently shot two years ago, shows her nervously practising imaginary truyền thông interviews under the direction of the producer. In the second half, they have sầu sex. Baek insists she did not know the camera was rolling.

The ex-producer, Kim Si Won, has disputed her claims of ignorance. "We watched it together afterwards and enjoyed it," he said.

Others are also cynical about Baek"s claims. Paik said it was not uncomtháng for managers or producers lớn insist that starlets make such videos, in case the woman tries lớn dump her old associates after she becomes successful. The tốc độ of the internet makes such weapons more potent.

"Ten years ago these things ended with just a few rumours," Paik said. "Now the evidence goes out on the website."