Anna Camp

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Anna Camp"stime in quarantine includes good food and quality time with her beau! ET"s Katie Krause spoke to the 37-year-old actress via Zoom, & Camp shared how she and boyfriend Michael Johnson are passing the time in quarantine.

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"He’s an amazing cook. I will say that. We’ve sầu done some things where we cook for the movie we’re watching. So if we’re watching an Italian movie, we’ll have an Italian food night," she says. "Iam very lucky lớn have found someone and thankful that we’re doing well amidst all of this insanity that’s going on in the world right now."

Camp adds that this time in isolation hasmade her realize new things about herself.

"It’s really made me think about who I am outside of . I have sầu a lot to offer just besides being on a mix, doing this tuy nhiên và dance thing and working," she adds. "... It"s given me a chance to lớn slow down và that life is very precious and not khổng lồ take things for granted. It’s hard.I definitely am a little antsy, obviously... But it’s also made me just reevaluate things that are really important."

Camp và Johnson, a 37-year-old drummer,were first linked in March, following the actress" April 2019 split from Skylar Astin, whom she married in năm 2016.

It was actually Camp"s divorce from Astin that helped her in her latest role as Brooke in the Netflix comedy Desperados, which follows three women who travel khổng lồ Mexico lớn delete an embarrassing gmail one of them sent khổng lồ their new boyfriend. In the flichồng, Camp"s character is going through a divorce.

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"The producers were coming to me about this movie. Theywanted me topick between Kaylieand Brooke," Camp says of two of the film"s characters, the former of which was ultimately played by Sarah Burns."Because I went through a divorce, I kind of really resonated with and sort of what that feeling was lượt thích... She really meant more lớn me."

"... There were times where it was kind of cthảm bại to home page. I feel like that’s the best, when you can kinda take on a role & kindomain authority allow that to come out into the character, something so personal," she adds. "There were times where I really related to lớn playing the character, not so much other times."

As for if she"ll ever tie the knot again in real life, Camp says she has "no idea."

"Life is short. You don’t know what could happen. So I’m not saying yes or no. I don’t know," she says.

In addition toDesperados, Camp recently starred inHere Awhile, a drama in which she plays a terminally ill woman who"s choosing lớn kết thúc her life. For Camp, the film was a chance to lớn persize a different kind of role.

"I think it’s just being seen in a different light & trying khổng lồ go down that serious path. I hope that Here Awhile does that," she says."I enjoy nhảy đầm, I enjoy singing, but obviously acting is my first love sầu and getting to stretch those creative muscles that I don’t get khổng lồ all the time is something that’s really important khổng lồ me."

While Camp is known for playing "this type A blonde" in movies likePitch Perfect,Here Awhilehelped her realize she"s ready for something new.

"I think at this point in my career, I’d rather say no to lớn similar projects because creatively I am a little tapped out with playing those certain things," she says."...There’s only so much you can grow when you play the same role over và over, so we’ll see. Fingers crossed!"

Despite Camp"s desire to diversify her acting credits, she"s still totally up for starring in a fourthPitch Perfectfliông chồng, should the studio green light it.

"I would never say no, obviously, because it’s a group of women that we’ve sầu known each other for over seven years. Almost a decade going on now, which is crazy to lớn say! I think that’s so wild," she says."I would bởi vì it.I would definitely do it."

"I would play Aubrey forever because she’s gotten me very far in my career for a reason," Camp continues."The fans love sầu those movies. So I think that if they wanted it, I’d be more than happy to vị it again. It’s just up to Universal at this point."