Anh cave profiles


Day 1: Ban Moungkham - Ban Houaypong - Ban Phuluang Tai

Depart Luang Prabang in the early morning for a 30-minute boat ride up the Mekong River lớn Ban Moungktê mê in Chomphet district.

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From here, walk 2 hours on a forested trail lớn Ban Houaypong, a Khamu Rok village. Take a short break in Ban Houaypong before continuing 15 minutes to Houaypong stream for a picnic lunch.

After lunch, the trek begins an uphill climb khổng lồ Ban Phuluang Tai. The trail is steep for 2 hours, before reaching a ridge. The path follows the ridge for 2 hours, & offers sweeping views across the mountain range and valleys below.

Arrive sầu in Ban Phuluang Tai, a Hhy vọng community, by late afternoon in time to lớn walk around the village, bathe at the local spring or relax at the guesthouse, while the villagers prepare the evening meal.

Phuluang Tai also has beautiful night views of the lights of Luang Prabang in the distance. The village offers optional services such as drum and kaen musical performances and selling traditional embroidery.

Visitors spkết thúc the night in the village guesthouse, which is constructed in traditional Hmuốn style và managed by the community.

Day 2: Ban Som - Tam Nang Anh Cave

Eat an early breakfast in Ban Phuluang Tai before departing on a trek down to lớn Ban Som that takes a little over 1.5 hours. The steep downhill trail passes the Hmong muốn village, Ban Mok Prai.

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The path leads khổng lồ Ban Som, an idyllic Lao Loum village surrounded by rice paddies, a creek, & mountains, and it provides an excellent spot to rest & refresh.

Trekkers then leave sầu their bags behind for the 30-minute uphill hike khổng lồ Tam Nang Anh Cave and a swim at a small waterfall at the base of the mountain. A village guide accompanies trekkers and provides information on the cave sầu.

Upon returning khổng lồ Ban Som, the villagers serve lunch, before trekkers embark on the final 3-hour hike baông xã to lớn Ban Moungkđắm đuối on an easy road and trail. From here, a boat returns the group lớn Luang Prabang for an early evening arrival.


Accommodation và Food

Village lodge with one comtháng room.Comtháng bathroom facilities available. Public bathing (women need a sarong)Hý muốn và Lao cuisine. Typical meal includes chicken, soup, sticky rice, vegetables & chili.Vegetarian food is available upon request.

Level of Difficulty & Safety

Moderate-Difficult: Steep climbs make this trail challenging. Trekkers must be in good physical shape và be able lớn walk 5 hours per day.

What to lớn Bring

One change of clothes, sandals for village, good shoes for hiking, sandals & sarong for bathing (required for women), mosquito lớn repellent, flashlight, sunscreen/hat, camera, money to purchase handicrafts. Please wear long pants and a shirt with sleeves during the trek.

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Local meals, water, accommodation, transport to/from Luang Prabang, local guide(s) & English speaking guides, & permits.

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