Alexander Wang at “Ladyfag Presents: The Closet” in Williamsburg in December năm 2016. Photo: Rebecca Smeyne

Alexander Wang at “Ladyfag Presents: The Closet” in Williamsburg in December 2016. Photo: Rebecca Smeyne
In April 2013, Prue McCallum, a recent Fashion Institute of Technology grad, ended up at the first of what would become one of New York’s most combustible Berlin-inspired raves. “Shade” was thrown by the nightlife impresarios Ladyfag và Seva Granik, whose parties brought together glittery club kids, serious techno heads, shirtless Chelsea twunks, & black-clad fashion-industry strivers. The 23-year-old had RSVP’d to lớn a Facebook invitation with the location “TBA Day of Show” that led hundreds of people to a giant warehouse in East Williamsburg with red and xanh lasers, neon lights, and glow-in-the-dark drinks. McCallum, who at the time identified as a cisgender gay man but now identifies as nonbinary, showed up ready to lớn lose themselves in a set. They didn’t expect to lớn brush shoulders with Alexander Wang.

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Their meeting was accidental. McCallum had been on a mission to lớn find a straight guy for their female frikết thúc và was quizzing strangers about which way they swung. On the dark dance floor, it was harder to make out exactly whom they were approaching. McCallum was starstruchồng — và slightly embarrassed — when they spun around lớn ask “Are you gay or straight?” và came face-to-face with one of their fashion idols. McCallum was obsessed with Balenciaga, where Wang was then the creative director. From what McCallum could see, Wang looked amused. “I’m straight,” he said cheekily — he isn’t — to lớn which McCallum laughed và said, “So am I.” Then the playful banter took a turn. Wang said, “Let’s find out,” according lớn McCallum, và reached down their pants and groped McCallum’s genitals.

McCallum at first froze and then started lớn move sầu away, too stunned to say anything. They didn’t tell their friover — the two weren’t very cthất bại, & wouldn’t it be easier khổng lồ just forget about the incident & move on? For the rest of the night, they danced at the baông xã of the room lớn avoid Wang. A few hours later, McCallum felt a hand on their shoulder and turned around to see the designer. “I lượt thích the way you dance,” McCallum remembers Wang, now “slower and sloppier,” saying as he reached out his arms toward them. Before he could touch them again, Wang’s friend pulled hyên ổn away.

McCallum tried to shrug off the incident. A few days later, they told their best frikết thúc what had happened. “They were still very freaked out,” says McCallum’s frikết thúc, who also works in fashion. “They were trying khổng lồ laugh it off but were clearly not okay.”

McCallum suppressed any uncomfortable feelings that might jeopardize their career. In fashion, as in many creative sầu fields, the lines between work and play often blur; being part of the right nightlife scene means access to lớn the right connections, & plenty of fashion stars have sầu been born on the dance floor. For young people in search of a big break, running into a major designer at a club could feel lượt thích an opportunity that shouldn’t be squandered.

For Wang, life, or the version of it he marketed lớn great success, was a các buổi party. The Wang look was cool, casual, và club-ready, a wardrobe for his friends và himself to wear lớn work all day and play all night. From independent beginnings, the designer had reached hundreds of millions of dollars in global sales & then was courted by, and eventually worked with, everyone from Balenciaga and Bulgari in fashion’s upper echelons khổng lồ H&M, Uniqlo, and Adidas at the street màn chơi. Through it all, Wang was his own best advertisement, a smile plastered on his face as he bounded down the runway, a drink raised in his h& from behind the stanchions of the VIPhường section, surrounded by models & Miley.

But in December, allegations of sexual assault suddenly threw on the lights. In a đoạn phim posted to lớn TikTok, a male mã sản phẩm named Owen Mooney accused Wang of groping hyên at a Ladyfag các buổi tiệc nhỏ in 2017. A Facebook post from Gia Garison, a trans Model, resurfaced in which she says the next month, at the same venue, Wang tried to “pull my panties down & expose my genitals in the VIP area.” More voices began joining the chorus, first anonymously on the
Diet_Pradomain authority Instagram accounts, then, slowly, on the record khổng lồ The Guardian, The Business of Fashion, the Thành Phố New York Times, and the Daily Mail.

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In January, high-protệp tin civil-rights attorney Lisa Bloom announced she was representing two of Wang’s accusers; that number has since grown lớn 11.

Meanwhile, Wang has gone on the offensive sầu, dismissing the allegations as “baseless and grotesquely false,” adding that they “have sầu been wrongly amplified by social-truyền thông accounts infamous for posting defamatory material from undisclosed and/or anonymous sources with zero evidence or any fact-checking whatsoever.” After a seven-week pause, his brand has started khổng lồ post on Instagram again, though sources say he has been avoiding the office in recent weeks.

Wang, 37, has not been charged with any crime, & Bloom has not yet filed suit. But New York spoke with seven people whose allegations range from groping on the dance floor khổng lồ unwanted oral sex in clubs and corroborated their accounts through contemporaneous disclosures lớn friends and loved ones, text messages, photographs, and receipts from events.

Through his attorney, Wang declined to lớn phản hồi on all but one of these stories. The allegations, the earliest dating to 2010 & the most recent lớn 2019, are set against the backdrop of club culture & queer parties, where such incidents are often dismissed — in many cases by survivors themselves — as the price of partying at all.

So far, many of Wang’s most visible celebrity friends, including Zoë Kravitz, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner, have stayed silent; a few, like Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj, and Ashley Grasay đắm, have sầu unfollowed hlặng on Instagram. (Supporters are choosing their words carefully. Kravitz changed the caption of a phokhổng lồ she posted of herself with the designer from “happy birthday you absolute trouble maker” to “happy birthday
alexwangny” after the allegations spread widely online.) No major retailers have sầu commented or taken action.

Wang has long been both a rare Model of independent success in a grinding, financially perilous industry — even rarer as a young gay man of color — and a tiệc nhỏ boy. At one point, according khổng lồ a former employee, he coined “The company where it pays khổng lồ party” as a kind of motkhổng lồ for his label and printed it on morale-boosting merch. Now he and his company will discover exactly how much it costs them.